Quick look at my photo shot behind the scenes. When I first started thinking about getting my vintage finds on line it was the photography that made me anxious, it is my Achilles heel, it is one of the hardest things I have to do, in term of the stress levels as I want to get it right I want to be able to show the beauty and patina of the vintage pieces.  I am not a trained photographer, ok so I did aged 19 some 31 years ago attend a 6 week course at my local college but apart from that I am learning as I go.

I have taken some terrible pictures, no focus, no light and no theme, however each one of those pictures (even though I still do cringe at my earlier attempts) have taught me loads about what not to do as well as what I need to do to have the shots I am looking for.

One of my main problems is light, I love my old cottage however it is not the best place for taking inspiring product pictures, no space and no light. I needed to find a spot that a least had some light, a white wall and space for a table and shelves. There is only one place in my cottage with light and white doors, my front porch. So like you do, whenever I do photo shoots now, I set up my little photo studio in my porch,  I still have to chase the light, get into odd positions, and balance on tip toes to get the right shot (I do get some strange looks from the neighbours) but for now it’s doing the job.

I have also started using my lovely garden space which has a very vintage and rustic look so fits well. One issue with garden shots is the lovely Mr G often photo bombs the pictures. Bless him.

So now once I set up for a shot I really enjoy it, are my pictures perfect, no far from it, I I am still learning and trying new ideas but now it’s fun to do so. The one thing I can say is that my pictures are real; I try to set a scene and add some lifestyle element to the picture. I take shots that lets you see both the beauty and the vintage journey that each pieces have taken which is important for vintage finds.

I do dream of having a dedicated space for product and lifestyle pictures, where I can control the light, have all my beautiful props set up and I can arrange of click away to my heart’s content. (No neighbours in sight) Hopeful one day I will get there, but until then I will happy continuing clicking away in my little porch and garden.