Our Story

Hi I am Helen and live in a small village in North Wales. I am a mother to two furry kids, I love baking, gardening, vintage and anything a bit quirky. My favourite pastime is mooching around rural outposts in search of unique finds.

I have always had a love of vintage and quirky finds, especially beautiful things with a story.  All my vintage and quirky finds our lovingly sourced and each piece has had its own vintage journey, giving it either knocks or a rich patina along the way, this all add to its charm.

You may wonder who Mr G and Miss B are; they are my furry kids and the inspiration behind the brand name. Think lady and the tramp. 

Miss B aka Beth was a tri colour collie who I found in a barn at 8 weeks old. From the start I loved her with all my heart, she loved being centre of attention and involved in everything I did. She was full of fun, dotty, very clever and my best friend. She could also be a little wild and a madam!

Mr G aka Gitour is a blue merle collie who has one blue eye and one brown, he was rescued 10 years ago when he was 2 years old. He is a bit of a ragamuffin with a heart of gold. He just loves being involved in everything that is going on. I love him to bits.

Sadly Beth died August 22nd 2017 aged 15 and broke all our hearts. Mr G will always love his Miss B as I will and her spirit of fun and dottiness lives on through the brand. She will always be our star B.

I am excited to offer a curated range of vintage, decorative and quirky finds for you and your home. Adding decorative vintage or quirky stuff to your home will help you create interiors with character giving your space a unique edge.

As well as selling my finds online I also have a ‘pop up’ shop that travels around the UK setting up at different events and speciality markets. Check out the events page to see where I will be popping up next, I love meeting people and it would be great to see you.

I hope you love mooching around the site and discover that unique find. Any questions feel free to contact me

Enjoy x


Helen, Mr G & Star B