This month I thought I would share a few of my walks around Dyserth that Mr G and I enjoy. I walk everyday, that’s the beauty of having a dog. Come rain or shine Mr G and I are out at least twice a day. I also love taking Mr G for longer walks and having a picnic, he loves a picnic as much as I do. I am in a very lucky position in that I live in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, 50 yards from my gate I am at then edge of a woodland walk, down the bottom of the hill is a stunning waterfall, a short walk and there is the beautiful rugged Graig Fawr. Dyserth is a rich walking place, more on the village and walks here

Rich and varied opportunities for lovely walks around Dyserth

Woodland and Track Walks

I have a number of woodland walks right on my door step. I generally take Mr G at least once a day on a woodland walk, usually we go very early now the mornings are light about 6.30am, its very quite with not a lot of people about and the birds are singing. This sets us up for the start of the day.

coed woods

The views and walks at Coed Foel Woods

I love doing a bit of forging, picking edible berries and food from the hedgerow,  the Woodland Trust have written a guide about foraging for plants and fungi foraging guide. They also have a great guide that outlines what to forage each month here is a link to June. I also love picking flowers from the hedgerow, picking up cones, bits of wood and bark, its amazing what decorative pieces you can find, you can then create a display either for your house or garden.

Two of the woodland walks we do have little river coves which Mr G loves and this was one of Miss B’s favourite play areas. On a warm day I will take Mr G to cool off and have a play in the river, these are lovely spots that are quite and are perfect for sitting a while, we will sometimes take a picnic.

Furries in the river

Mr G and Miss B enjoying different times playing in the rivers

Picnic time

Our most favoured walk in on the Dyserth to Prestatyn walk way. This used to be the rail track for the Dyserth to Prestatyn railway. Here’s a link to more information on the Railway. Its a lovely stretch of path that has woodland areas off it, access to meadows, the old Dyserth Castle site and fields you can also walk through.

Part of the Dyserth to Prestatyn walk way

There is a lot of wild life with birds, rabbits and foxes often seen most mornings. I always hear a woodpecker but have never seen one yet.  Dyserth has at certain times off year a special bread of cows that comes and stays a while, you can see them from the path, they are super cute.

Graig Fawr

I love taking Mr G up to Graig Fawr, it is managed by the Woodland Trust and is a rocky area with the most stunning views. If we are feeling full of energy we will walk to the top  and sit and enjoy the view. If we are super fit we will come down via Bishop’s Wood and back along the Dyserth Walk Way. If we not feeling quite so energetic then we walk along the base, through the rocky paths and down through the woodland area to re-join the Dyserth walk way.

Me and the furries top of Graig fawr

Having a rest at the top of Graig Fawr

Dyserth Waterfall

Dyserth Waterfall is such a lovely spot that we tend to pop here a lot. We walk down through the wood and the many steps to end up at the bottom of the fall. There are beautiful views on the way down. We use to walk up the many steps but with us both now vintage we tend not to do that to often these days. There is a lovely garden area and the waterfall café so we sometimes enjoy tea and cake and sit a while.

Dyserth waterfall

Dyserth Waterfall

We all rush about, there is never enough time in the day, I never get to finish my to-do list if anything it continually grows. We don’t always all have the time for full days out or a weekend get away, so stepping out each day and enjoying local walks whether that’s a short pop or a longer one with a picnic can be the tonic you need.

So this summer take time to enjoy whatever is on your door step or just beyond. Its about enjoying the time that having a walk gives you, the chats if there is a few of you, the time to think and just enjoy being in the moment.