My rustic garden has been created over a number of years and has grown organically, in the beginning there was no great plan not sure there still is! When I moved here over ten years ago the back garden was a bit of a wilderness. It was very over grown and a lot of the ground area was covered in stone chippings. ( stone chippings are a pet hate of mine). The first job was clearing the wilderness.

Clearing the Wilderness

The whole of the back area of the garden used be a very large ornate greenhouse (many years ago – such a shame it did not survive), When we started to clear this area we discovered that three stone beds, a pond and a trailing vine had survived from that ornate greenhouse. Plus a lovely crazy paved path. This gave us a starting point for the flower and vegetable area of the garden.

My ristuc garden crazy paving

We rebuilt the pond, currently we have the main pond area with a smaller top part, this gives me a great platform to add vintage pieces as well some lovely pond flowers.

My rustic garden pond

One of the stone flowers beds was cleared to make a small area for fruit bushes and a lovely seating area.

My rustic garden seating area with fruit bushes

At the other end of the back area there was an old arbour holding up the vine.

My rustic gadren seating area

As a Christmas present a few years a ago Quint built me a concrete base ( I know my thoughts exactly but I did want a greenhouse – the greenhouse was going to be a birthday present! but lucky a neighbour had an unwanted greenhouse so we had that). Over the years this has been a great place to start of seeds and grow tomatoes.

The garden is now split into three areas, the back end is for flowers and vegetables, a middle grassed area with an old hide hole shed and then a patio area towards the house.

My rustic garden wild flowers

As well as shrubs and organised flower beds I also have one bed that I just leave to grow. It is filled with lovely wild flowers and is my favourite.

My rustic garden old shed hide hole

An old shed has given me a another little hide hole in the middle area of the gadren. Unfortunately I currently store my cardboard in it! The decked area is a great spot for my different planters

All areas have different vibes, and they all get sun at different times of the day. All have a vintage and rustic feel.

Adding Vintage and Rustic Bits

I love having a space that I can add my rustic vintage bits to, it has given me a good excuse to keeping buying old terracotta pots, oil cans, watering can, rusty metal baskets and other decorative vintage items I can repurpose for the garden.

my rustic garden wehhel barroe planter infront of pond

I love that I have used an old wheel barrow as a planter its adds a quirky touch in front of the pond

My rustic garden pink cupboard with vintage and flora display

I love this little addition to the garden. I have used an old pink cabinet and created a display using vintage pieces and plants.


My rustic garden watering can on fence

I pick up lots of vintage watering cans when I am sourcing vintage finds, sometimes they are only right for display. Hanging them on the fence adds a quirky touch and a bit of character.


I originally bought this cast iron bell to sell, but fell in love with it, must be the dog. It adds a lovely touch to the arbour hide hole. Tried ringing for service but nothing happened!


my rustic garden old lapm on pound side

I have added a number of different old lamps around the garden. I can add little tea lights inside them.


My rustic garden handmade bunting

Adding a party atmosphere with handmade bunting. Come the summer months I like to add in a bit of bunting to add both colour and cheer.

Enjoying the space

The one thing I want to this year is try and make time to enjoy the space. I now have different seating areas, all with sun at different times of the day and all with their own vibes. My favourite spot is the old rusty green bench by the pond, I make this my afternoon break spot and when ever the sun is shinning I make sure I spent some quality time having tea and cake here in an afternoon.

my rustic garden seating bench

This is one of my favourite spots

Last year my neighbour was having a new shed the old one has seen better days, Quint spotted an opportunity to add a little rustic hide hole to the garden so set about repurposing the shed as a arbour to support the vine at the top of the garden as the original was falling down. My little arbour hide hole is now my go to spot if its a little chilly or windy but I feel the need for a garden fix. Here I will sit in this sheltered area reading a book or a magazine. This is the space we use in an evening when the night draws in but we are not ready for the day to end. Mr G loves this space as he like to snuggle in. It is lovely spot to hear the birds as they nest in the vine.

my rustic garden arbour hide hole

The area on the patio is the most used area as it is right outside my backdoor, I try and have my morning coffee here, on a really sunny day I will have my breakfast alfresco. The rose is called ‘Our Beth’ and is a floral tribute to Miss B.

My rustic garden patio

The other space that is well used is Mr G’s nest, ever since we moved to the house he has loved this spot. It is on a wall just next to the patio and this is where you will find him most days, chilling out.

My Rust Garden dog on wall

Mr G in his ‘nest’

I hope you have enjoyed the quick behind the scene look at my garden, I am looking forward to adding more vintage and quirky pieces as the summer progresses it is always a good excuse to go treasure hunting not that I need one! Adding old vintage, quirky and industrial bit to your garden can help you create a space full of character.

Hope this has given you some idea on how to add vintage and quirky bit to your own garden. Have fun and enjoy.